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Getting started with investing in the stock market may seem intimidating, but with Truth's expert guidance you'll be ready to invest with confidence faster than you could have ever expected. Learn all the skills and confidence needed to tackle the most frighting situations with ease. Pretty soon, reading stock charts will be the best part of your day!

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The path to becoming a confident investor takes commitment and time, but if you put your mind to it, you'll have no problem becoming one of the best. What are you waiting for?


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About Your Instructor

Truth Jones

Truth Jones

ROI Coach
Barely standing 5'5 feet tall, 12-year-old day trader, Christon “The Truth” Jones is on a mission--a mission to help 1000 people become successful. And he does it one stock at a time. Yes! He’s a day trader.

At the age of 8, Truth faced off with his own bullies and penned his first book, The Win Within, to help other kids. He made $5000 in 90 days by peddling his book door to door.

An international bestselling author by the age of 10, Truth’s investor students of his Truth Success Series, an online mastermind course,  include adults who want to soak up his wisdom.

During that same year, home-schooled Truth caught a story of a 14-year old investor who made $50,000 and he was instantly bitten by the investor-bug. His mom took an investing class; Truth soaked it all in; and a bonafide investor (whose Mom still needs to make his actual trades for him) was born.

He's been featured on ABC, NBC, FOX News, CBS, Black Enterprise, Huffington Post, and Inc Magazine!

TRUTH’S TAKE on investing

“It’s much more fun to buy stuff when you know you own part of the company so I like to splurge on X-Box games and of course Amazon is my first choice when my mom has to order stuff.”

So what’s his secret to how he earned $10,000 in just a few short months of investing in the stock market?

TRUTH’S TAKE to discover the T.R.U.T.H. about the company.

T - Tap 20 companies that you really like. Be sure to choose companies in which you already buy their stuff
R - Research these companies and find everything you can. Read AND watch the news
U - Understand the company’s historical data. How has it been performing in the past? There could be key indicators to predict its future performance
T - Trade AFTER closing. Investing can be an emotional roller coaster. Sleep on it and trade the next day
H - Have an entry & exit strategy. Know what your bottom line numbers are, to determine when you will buy the stock and when you have hit your profit number so you get out. And stick to it!




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The course gave me the confidence to get back into investing, again
Tajuana Ross CEO @ Get Over Yourself
This is the only resource to level up my investing game!
Milo Kirsh CEO @ Excel Logistics
This course is easy to follow and understand
Sidra Bathar Best Selling Author


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Great course for beginners.

From Dylan Humphrey

I just completed the course. At first I was overwhelmed and stopped! So it took me a while to finish. The course provided lots of good info. I learned a lot and really increased my knowledge. I...

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From Larry Shields

This is a Very Simple Way to explain Trading, which has opened the eyes of both me and my son (18yrs. old.) God bless you and your mother Christon! Looking forward to what's next!

Stock 101

From Cheryl Laidlaw

This course was so helpful! I’ve always had an interest in stocks and trading but didn’t know where to begin. I watched this young man do a live with Doctor Dapper and I knew immediately he could h...

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